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What is QHHT and how can it help me?

QHHT is a form of hypnotherapy that accesses the deepest levels of the subconscious/Higher Self to facilitate healing, transformation, and spiritual growth by bypassing the conscious mind and directly tapping into the subconscious/higher self.

What are the Benefits of QHHT?

QHHT offers emotional healing, spiritual growth, and personal empowerment by helping individuals release past traumas, providing a deeper understanding of their purpose, and a greater sense of control over their lives. QHHT has empowered clients with life-changing experiences, resulting in profound positive changes in physical ailments, relationships, spiritual awareness, and greater clarity and purpose in life, among other benefits.

What to expect:

First you have a consultation with Jana to discuss your goals, expectations, and concerns. Then, Jana helps you relax like you have never relaxed before. Jana guides you in a relaxation process which flows into Past life regression and connection with your Higher Self. Answers to your questions are revealed as well as insight into your current life. Your Higher Self loves you and heals your body and mind. You leave feel refreshed and absolutely wonderful all over.

What others have said about QHHT with Jana:

Review left by Jennifer Walling 5 STARS Jana at Bend Reflexology was an absolute “right thing at the right time” experience. I have so many an amazing things to say about Jana and her talents as well as the layers of amazingness that came out of my sessions with her. I’m 55 years old and felt more confident when I was 25. Life has beaten me down and I definitely stopped listening to my inner self years ago after multiple life challenges or failures. I left her sessions seemingly karmically reset and feeling sound and strong in my intuition and desires for love and truth and to show these traits outwardly versus the lost, un-grounded, skeptical adult traits I’ve been showing for so long. I am becoming me again and it feels freeing. She thoroughly convinced me to trust myself and my intuition again which has empowered me and given me energy I’ve lacked for a long time. Yes, the process is different, I was skeptical and at times during the sessions where you are on the border of being totally relaxed or totally aware. I felt at times I was making things up to tell her because my right brain and left brain were vying for control during her guided therapy. it was hard to trust her during the session and to keep my mind from doubting her and doubting me. Her reassurances to trust my first thought and feeling revealed to me that my subconscious IS trying to protect me, does love me and tries to always act in my best interest. That I am complete and self sufficient in my own right - just the way I am. I don’t have to live in fear as I have for so long and I already contain or hold everything I need within me if I’ll listen and stop distracting with everything the world promises to be or with people that promise to be and then end up not. Nonetheless, I can just BE, even if for a few important minutes a day and then work to do so longer and longer each day to quiet my mind and listen to my truth. I don’t know how she did this with her verbal guidance but I am one much happier individual today than before I met her and worked with her. Thank you Jana. We will be in touch again soon and continue the work and the process. Gratefully, Jen

M.Berg 5 Stars

LIFE CHANGING for the Better!!!

I now have the ability to "hear" what my higher self has been trying to tell me. Jana showed me how to quiet myself and listen and the healing happened. This QHHT stuff is like magic!! Actually, I have now found we all have this ability to heal ourselves. We have just lost touch with how to connect with it. Jana's QHHT session brought that connection to me and revealed why I was carrying all this excess baggage around that caused my dis-EASE. I listen to the recording of the session every day and it brings more healing each time I listen to it. It is like GOLD!! No one finds Jana by accident. Everyone is led to her by their inner guidance and higher self. Do yourself a favor. Call Jana or just book a session on her website. You will be so glad you did.

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