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Jana DuMond, LMT 
Owner of Bend Reflexology and Therapeutic Massage

It would be my greatest pleasure to help you on your healing and wellness journey.

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About Jana

Jana DuMond is the mother of two grown daughters and has been a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) in Idaho and Oregon for over 30 years.  She enjoys helping and healing others with her Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT),  Beyond Quantum Healing (online and local), The Emotion and Body Code, Energy Healing, Life Coaching and Mentoring, Reiki, Reflexology and Massage practice. She has shared her many techniques with clients of all ages.  Her healing process with children, infants, and animals has been recognized and acclaimed by leaders in the field worldwide. Her methods help her clients create a healthy mindset and a healthy body by removing subconscious obstacles that have been holding them back from reaching their highest potential.

She has always appreciated the healing benefits of touch and started her career in Massage Therapy at the age of 22.  Her calm, empathetic approach is welcoming and soothing to her clients.

Jana also pursues her passion for art by creating paintings based on her customers' requests.  You can find Jana on TikTok with over 100,000 followers under the channel Janathemom.  She began painting rocks and soon progressed into other mediums.  From animals, to anime, Jana paints wooden slices, keychains, wall hangings, and more.  Custom orders are her specialty and you can place an order by emailing Jana at

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