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Bend Reflexology and Therapeutic Massage
Positive Vibes Philosophy


Do you find yourself saying things like "I am depressed." "I am angry." "It isn't fair." "I can't win."?

First and foremost, please start saying "I feel" rather than "I am" when talking about emotions. We "Feel" angry. We "are" not angry.  This allows us to separate the feeling from ourselves and to let the feeling pass in time. Nothing lasts forever, including emotions.

At Bend Reflexology and Therapeutic Massage, I have helped many clients overcome their depression or other thoughts that were not beneficial to them. Together we create a new dialogue that becomes a positive recurring thought pattern, which leads to positive feelings, which leads to positive actions.

that wich you focus on, expands seashore

It is amazing when we change our thinking. Try adopting the phrase "Envision the best possible outcome." We can tell ourselves this before an event and reap the rewards of allowing a wonderful outcome to develop. Sometimes we don't even give the situation (or ourselves) a chance for success.

This is the basis of our core philosophy at Bend Reflexology and Therapeutic Massage.

Additionally, through Reflexology, we are able to release blockages that inhibit our physical and mental health.  We really do store trauma in our bodies which becomes pain and dysfunction over time.  Most times, we have no idea this is happening. We only know we hurt. With Reflexology, we do not have to know the causes of this stored trauma. We can release the pain and stored memories while you lay back and relax in a stress-free environment.

You deserve to be healthy and happy.  

Schedule your appointment today at Bend Reflexology and Therapeutic Massage,

and let us show you how to be happier and heathier.

what you focus on, expands quote on mountain background
What-you-focus-on-grows-what-you-think-about seashore crashing on rocks
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