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Testimonials for
Bend Reflexology and Therapeutic Massage in Bend , OR

Betsy, ID

Jana brought me into the alignment with self & universe that Iv been praying for. She tuned in & helped me heal parts of me I had been blocking out, this has brought a new level of peace I didn’t know I could have even. Shes not judgmental & helps explain parts that don’t make since while empowering me to continue on my own journey cuz I am capable as well. Everything Iv been trying to do in different therapy’s & what not over the years She accomplished in 2 short sessions less then 5 hours total. I can’t put into words how she has changed my life & my daughters as well by the healing she has provided. Not only did she help me heal my childhood trauma she somehow has made it so I’m sober & easily have transitioned to sober life do to her amazing work in hypnosis sessions. Jana gave me hope that I didn’t have a real chance at living my best possible most healthy life that I had been trying so hard to accomplish on my own but never could have reached without Jana specificity! Thank you again girl from the bottom of my heart, your definitely doing exactly what your called to do on this earth 💖”

Bend Reflexology and Therapeutic Massage

Glenn, OR

“I can’t say enough about this healer. I have been to her for everything from physical pain to emotional healing, spiritual development and energy balancing. I have referred everyone I know to her and they all thank me. Most people say that they had no idea how much they needed her. She is healing Angel 😇 ”

Tara, OR

Jana is attentive. She taps into her inner guidance and uses her many tools to help clear out blockages to allow for a new improved "you" to emerge.

Scott, OR

Jana is amazing, her ability to connect and get to the root of the problem to free up all the negative and rejuvenate the soul is mind blowing. Highly recommend Jana!”

Bend Reflexology and Therapeutic Massage

Laura, OR

Jana is a very sensitive and intuitive healer. Just being in her energy is quite healing. She is so knowledgeable and has many 'tools' to utilize during a session. Jana follows her inner guidance before and during a session in order to facilitate the most appropriate and highest level of healing response for the individual. ”

Candi, OR

This was by far the most incredible & cathartic experience I have ever had. Jana has an energy that is so warm & inviting. From the way she dove right in, telling me things she'd already been clearing for me before we ever spoke of them, to the actual QHHT session itself, it was beyond my vocabulary to explain just how wonderful it was. I walked in feeling unwell in my body as well as my mind & I walked out kicking my heels with a smile from ear to ear. Jana, thank you so so much!”

Bend Reflexology and Therapeutic Massage

Debbie, OR

Before my appointment, I was skeptical as I have never had reflexology work done before. However, once my session was underway, it took little time before I was at ease. Jana is professional and knowledgeable, and her space is cozy and welcoming. After having ascertained that I had problems with my back, she spent the remainder of my allotted time working muscles. In fact, I asked to pay for (and was granted) an additional 30 minutes with Jana to continue working on me. The day following my session, I felt good - better than I had for quite some time. It is without hesitation that I recommend Jana!

Bend Reflexology and Therapeutic Massage

My session with Jana was uplifting and revealing. I had a QHHT session and her pre-session work up was very thorough and the session itself revealed a lot about my patterns in this life and beyond. I highly recommend this experience for anyone on the healing path. ”


Diane, OR

I enjoyed my time so much!! She is knowledgeable in so many areas. Highly recommend.

Helen, OR

Jana was very friendly and helpful. She is very knowledgeable about reflexology and massage. I will be going back.

Bend Reflexology and Therapeutic Massage

Katie, OR

Tsampogna, OR

I had never had a Reflexology treatment , but was EXTREMELY pleased with Jana’s professionalism and knowledge. I had several areas of concern and she worked on most of them. I will return. Thanks, Jana!!!!!



Samantha, OR

Jana is amazing! I live in the Willamette Valley and would gladly make the drive over to see her again!

Bend Reflexology and Therapeutic Massage

Bert, OR

Jana is genuine, caring, and knowledge-able.

This wonderful woman has the magic touch. An incredible experience.”

Kelli, OR

Jana was very knowledgable practictioner and was very carefull to explain the treatment process as she went thru the session..i gained a lot of insight about the treatment and will probably see her again and perhaps again...

Bend Reflexology and Therapeutic Massage

Steven, OR

Jason, OR

Very informative. I'd like to do it again someday.

Christina, OR

Awesome! So pleased with this service. Learned a ton about reflexology, and ended up also getting a massage at the location in Nampa - even sent 4 other people there! Very happy.

Bend Reflexology and Therapeutic Massage
Bend Reflexology and Therapeutic Massage

Bettina, FL

Dianna, OR

“Jana is the most caring, compassionate healers I’ve ever known. She gets you before she even knows you. She goes above and beyond to heal you. I’ve had one session and it’s amazing how good I feel. I’m looking forward to my continued healing journey with Jana. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”




Jana is absolutely amazing! After finding a couple sore spots doing reflexology, she moved to my upper back and neck area to do pressure point work! She is not only experienced but professional. I would highly recommend her. 


Dona, OR

Janna is very caring and listens to what you need so she can work on the areas of the body the need the most attention.

Michelle, OR

Excellent practitioner. Educational session, and she did more for me than was required. I will definitely return.

Bend Reflexology and Therapeutic Massage

Amari, OR

If you’re in need of connection to your body on this plain, in another, or anything in between I highly recommend Jana for whatever you’re seeking. I’ve had nothing but incredible experiences with her & her personality is infectious.”

Julia , OR

Jana is very talented and I really enjoyed my reflexology session. I would definitely recommend her.

Bend Reflexology and Therapeutic Massage

Deb, MA

I found myself in rough shape after a stressful flight to Oregon, to visit family. My sister recommended Jana at Bend Reflexology and Therapeutic Massage, so I called as soon as I arrived and Jana was great to squeeze me in!

The reflexology and massage was so relaxing! And, Jana was a miracle worker pulling the knots out of my shoulders.


I opted for a session of reflexology as my planter fasciitis was acting up and she put me right. I look forward to booking with her again on my next trip out! Thank You Jana!

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