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Quantum Healing, the future of healing

QHHT Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique by Dolores Cannon allows the client to be guided into a deep state of relaxation wherein all-knowing answers and healing occurs. Contacting your Higher Self allows the answers to flow which gives insight into the life you are currently living. This connection is of the Highest Source energy and amazing results are often experienced.

BQH Beyond Quantum Healing is a similar method which takes you into a dream-like state to provide healing. These can be done in-person and Bend Reflexology or Online. Online sessions allow the client to be comfortable and relax in their own home. Another benefit is that no travel or extra days traveling is involved. Depending on your preference, remote sessions work as well, and often better, than in-person sessions. The most important factor is the ability to relax and feel comfortable! As remarkable as it may sound, the connections and energies work just as strongly during a remote session.

My clients have told me these session have given them clarity, direction, relief from their ailments, and a greater sense of purpose and joy.



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